Professional fencing lessons for young people have many advantages. They improve concentration, agility, reflexes, balance, critical thinking and athletic skills. Fencing achievement is not dependent purely on stature, power, and speed; victory always goes to the best and most committed fencer.

Class styles and services differ by school. Many colleges and clubs are only training one weapon while some are providing all three. You’ll have to do some homework to figure out what’s best for your child.

Some clubs have services where children can attend an intro-fencing session. In intro classes, plastic equipment is used as early as four years of age for protection. At this age, the focus is on practical footwork, blade work, and drills for hand-eye coordination. Children enjoy our classes and get training on fencing.

Beginner Professional Fencing Lessons

We switch to a beginner’s class at age 7 or 8 and begin using metal equipment. Typically, smaller children don’t have the fine motor skills to execute complex movements with a foil, or the attention required to obey weapons safety rules. Beginners’ classes will teach your child the fundamentals of how to fence. Beginners’ lessons will show you the fundamentals of how to fence.

Intermediate Professional Fencing Lessons

The Intermediate training is designed for young fencers (school age). They have completed or fenced the Beginner Program previously and wish to improve their skills. Fencing classes at intermediate levels are practiced either in foil or epee to have more specialized level instruction. Intermediate fencers learn the following Professional Fencing Lessons:

  • Work on improving hand – and footwork
  • Better distance control
  • Increased fencing with electrical fencing equipment
  • Improving technical skills
  • A better understanding of fencing rules
  • Increased work in pairs during fencing exercises
  • Better offensive and defensive skills
  • Initial understanding of fencing tactics
  • Improved conditioning level

Throughout the intermediate level, they can learn about the rules, tactics, and vocabulary of fencing competition between the ages of 11-16. Using the blade, more experienced students are exposed to attack and defense at the higher intermediate level, and they begin to bout.

Students can then go on to advanced or competitive classes based on skills and ability, where they will be exposed to the epee and sabre. It is here where they start to take part in local and national competitions. The elite students compete on the national/international level. The graduates of the elite participate at the national/international level.

Elite Fencing Lessons

The Advanced Level Class or Elite Group is intended for fences that have completed our club’s Intermediate Level Fencing Course or a related program level in another fencing School. A fencer at this level usually has a strong skill set, confidence and took part in at least one regional competition before reaching this level.

How long does it take to learn fencing?

Keeping the physical fitness apart, as long as the real fencing training begins, it only takes about 4-5 months for a beginner to be able to participate in low-level local tournaments if one regularly practices for about 3-4 times a week and one or two days just to observe and evaluate bouts.

Cost of Professional Fencing Lessons

Classes here at Pro Fencing Academy are affordable for the amount of value we teach. We have classes for all levels of fencers with 4 different price ranges. Beginner 1 Class is 1 class per week at $150 monthly. Beginner 2 is 2-5 classes per week at $300 monthly. Our Competitive 1 Class is 3-5 classes per week at $435 monthly. Finally, we have our Elite Group consisting of 3-5 lessons per week at $780 monthly.

Fun Fact –

Did you know that fencing is one of the safest sports you can practice? There are more injuries in Ping Pong!

Because of the carefully crafted rules and the highly developed equipment, fencing is one of the sports with the least amount of serious injuries of all sports, ranking better than Ping Pong or even Badminton.

About Pro Fencing Academy

The elegant sport of fencing, always popular in Europe, is now gaining phenomenal popularity in the United States and in the Central Florida area. Fencing is also called “Physical Chess”. As it is the sport that develops the mind and body. Furthermore, it is also a sport that helps gain admission and college scholarships to prestigious universities.

Pro Fencing Academy is proud to open its doors to fencers of all skill levels from beginners all the way through to the nationally competitive. Pro Fencing Academy trains ages 6-adult in the epee fencing weapon with successful programs for both experienced and beginner fencers. Additionally, our students received numerous medals. These include local, regional and national championships.

Dedicated Educators

We have an incredibly passionate team here at Pro Fencing Academy. Above all, all of our instructors have dedicated decades to the sport in order to compete not just locally but on the national & global stage. Our club has bred many national champions and World Cup competitors since its inception.

Our Mission

This club cultivates a growing community of fencers and athletes alike. We strive to bring the best out of our athletes on and off the strip so that they may carry what they have learned here into other avenues of their life. We hope that you will join our family with these things in mind.

Stay on top of all things fencing! Keep up on exciting fencing tips, news, and updates from Pro Fencing Academy. Have you always wanted to try fencing? Pro Fencing Academy is a top-notch Orlando Fencing School that offers basic, intermediate and competitive classes. Take classes from our Master Coach, Aleksandr Gromov. To schedule an appointment or get more information, call (321) 972-6977 or email