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Guide to Youth Fencing Classes

Pro Fencing Academy provides comprehensive, personalized instruction and Fencing Classes. We offer both youth fencing classes and adult fencing classes. If you are signing up your child or teen for a youth fencing classes, there are a few things you should know,...

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What is Fencing Like?

There are a few misconceptions associated with fencing. Maybe you saw a sword-fighting scene on TV or a movie.  As a sport, it is much more involved that you might have originally thought. If you have always been curious about what is fencing like, we’re more than...

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How To Choose The Best Fencing School

Finding the best fencing school is an important decision to make. This decision matters for long-term success. For beginners. knowing how to choose a fencing school can be a challenging task. For parents, you’re trying to know how to get your child started. “What...

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