Finding the best fencing school is an important decision to make. This decision matters for long-term success. For beginners. knowing how to choose a fencing school can be a challenging task. For parents, you’re trying to know how to get your child started. “What matters?” “Which doesn’t matter?” “Are there key things to look out for?”

Our instructors receive these questions all the time from individuals new to the sport of fencing. People often ask recommendations for a good fencing school, what makes a good fencing instructor or “what’s the best fencing school in my area?”

We can help you answer some of these burning questions you have.

Qualification Matters In the Best Fencing School

Qualified and experienced coaches at the best fencing school are going to be able to offer better support and guidance. Fencing is taught in both group and private sessions, so you need to consider both aspects. Coaches don’t have to be gold medalists, but they should have a moderately successful resume and track record. You’ll want to find a fencing structure that instills confidence in you. If you are unsure about the school, we recommend that come to the academy and see the coach in action.

If your goal is championship fencing, you should want to look for coaches with a track record of helping competitors win. Keep in mind that the age of the fencing school doesn’t matter. However, even if the fencing school is new, they can have a great deal of highly qualified coaches who have previous experience. Pro Fencing Academy Master Coach Aleksandr Gromov has over 20 years of experience in the sport of fencing.

Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing a School

Budget and schedule are a few things to consider. Facilities matter in terms of safety, in terms of comfort, and in terms of success. A fencing school doesn’t have to be large, but the facilities should be well maintained and kept up. Maintenance and safety are non-negotiable. On a financial aspect, fencing can be very expensive.  However, there are ways to budget for fencing classes. Cost is something to keep in mind.  Location also matters when choosing a fencing academy.

You’ll want to be able to travel to fencing class without any issues.   Pro Fencing Academy is conveniently located at 4279 Aloma Ave, at The Grove at Winter Park Plaza. Our Academy is conveniently located near Full Sail, UCF, Eastbrook Elementary School and Aloma Elementary School. If you are serious about starting fencing as a hobby, you should consider some of these factors.

The Fencing Academy’s Reputation Matters

Reputation matters! There’s just no way around this one. Make sure that the fencing academy you choose has good credentials. Check their Facebook, Google, reviews, Yelp reviews, and talk to families who are training with them. A good club is going to have a good reputation. There might be one or two people who it didn’t work out for.

If the overall response is positive, then you can be sure you chose the right fencing club.  Part of an academy’s reputation is its success. Does the academy have the amount of success locally, regionally, and nationally? Talk to people who’ve trained at the fencing club! You’ll learn so much about a club from talking to these people. This is a good way to out if it’s the right fit for you.

Their Values And Goals

Look into the values and goals of the fencing club. What is your end game with the fencing experience? Are you super competitive? Not competitive at all? In order to be a good fit, the club’s goals need to align with your own. Ask the instructors in the club what their goals are and what they value. Be open – come right out and ask. Other ways to find out the clubs values are to observe a class and engage with parents and students. If possible, check them out at a local competition to see how they perform.

Check how instructors interact with kids – both in class, in private lessons and in competitions. Do people seem happy? Are they constantly frustrated or burned out? There are many things to consider when looking for the best fencing school Take outside opinions with a grain of salt. You’ll get a lot of insight if you visit the club and meet the instructors for yourself.

The most important thing is to feel out whether you like it there and can see yourself fitting into the culture of the club. You’ll know when you find it whether it’s the right fit for you!

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