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About Pro Fencing Academy

Pro Fencing Academy provides comprehensive, personalized instruction and Fencing Classes. There are 3 levels of teaching available in order to better sure your personal needs and goals. Our teacher, coaches, trainers have been taking students of theirs to the absolute top of the game and winning championships for years and years. 

Come see for yourself why we have been recognized as the number one fencing classes and lessons in the area. Call today for information on classes or private training in fencing. 

Fencing Classes

Basic Fencing

We teach you the basics of the sport, from physical and mental conditioning to the handling of the blade and competing.

Intermediate Fencing

Higher-level physical and mental conditioning, greater skills and some tournaments. We train hard and also have fun.

Competitive Fencing

Our most advanced level for those who are fully- committed to competitive bouting. We will train you to be a champion!

Fencing is the swordplay recreational sport that people of all ages can enjoy and offers a multitude of advantages.Fencing is a mental and physical exercise in which fencing workers learn to tackle opponents of different levels of skills and increase their physical resilience, agility and accuracy. Trust and sport are gained through fencing participation and extended across other lifestyles. As a young person or adult, you can start fenceing –for recreation, exercise and competitive practice. 

Fencing’s three weapons are shield, sabre, and epeé. The object of fencing is to score a point or touch by hitting the target of your opponent with your weapon before they get the touch of scoring on you, but with each weapon the rules, strategies and target areas differ to make the games distinct. As such, most fencers develop a preference and skill for one weapon over the other, but many enjoy the challenge and diversion of once in a while taking on a fight in another weapon, or even developing skills in a second weapon. A rare fencer in all three weapons is an expert!

Scholarship Opportunities Available!

Did You know 90% of high school students enrolled in fencing schools
recieve scholarships? Enroll your child in our fencing classes today!